Business of People(®)

40 Years of Excellence

Transforming Organizations

Around the world, the Business of People(®) staff is highly regarded, much valued, and known to be seriously committed to making a difference in the life of businesses and organizations.

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Organizational Consulting

Business of People(®) helps people and organizations do more effectively what they are working to achieve.

Organizations change and grow as people do. At certain points in the life of an organization or business, new challenges must be dealt with.

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Foundational Change Coaching

If you have people or groups in your organization who have expertise and experience but are not fully contributing, fitting in, and need new skill development, growth, new attitudes, and new behaviors, we can tailor a Business of People(®) coaching experience for you or your people.

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Managing Organizational Change

Management of Change, Planning, and Supporting Critical Business Transitions are aspects in the life of an organization in which Business of People(®) can assist.

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Corporate Training

Around the world Business of People(®) is known for its corporate and business training. Whether at your site or ours, Business of People(®) training raises the skill level of the group, providing long-term, concrete, measurable foundational changes in the training participants. Our time-tested training are designed to meet your specific business needs.

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We love to Facilitate!

Business of People(®) specializes in helping individuals engage with one another to work more effectively in any group situation. Whether company meetings, vision conferences, large group meetings, planning processes, cultural changes, board facilitation, conflict resolution sessions or retreats, we help people interact effectively and productively.

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Crisis Intervention and Management

Crisis Intervention & Management are needed at times when something traumatic or difficult happens that throws the organization into a crisis.

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BOP Training

The goal of our training is to go deeper than systems training, by helping you focus on your employees and your clients, and learn to use yourself to maximize your effectiveness with everyone in your life.

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REAL Publications

Real Publications is the publishing arm of Business of People(®). The publications are designed to be powerful, challenging, and aimed at helping you develop skills covered in a particular publication. These books and workbooks are not fluff. They are not simplistic. They are designed to put you through a process that really forces you to learn how to work with resistance, how to be a better transformational leader, how to manage, etc.

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