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Business of People® has a staff of consultants who work with clients on an ongoing basis. All of our consultants have had many years of postgraduate training through our institute’s organizational development and consulting training program.

The Business of People staff members, under the leadership of Norman Shub, have been pioneers in developing frameworks and processes to facilitate change and help organizations become more effective. The core skills of management, the basic underlying human skills that facilitate all business processes, the outside executive concept and many others have been developed by the Business of People group and are used by consultants and trainers around the world. We are known for innovative, creative work with organizations and for being on the cutting edge of new thinking and new ideas that can help your organization be more successful.

Let us help you discover the best leader inside you. We’re clear, we're direct, and we would enjoy talking to you.

Norman Shub


Recognized worldwide as a master teacher, Norman Shub has a unique ability to help leaders, executive committees, managers and organizations transform themselves and come to a new level of business skill and capacity. Norman’s distinctive approach to organizational consulting is taught at his postgraduate training program, where organizational consultants come to learn this particular approach, and is used by his staff at Business of People. Norman has worked around the world with international corporations, nonprofits, government agencies, political organizations, leaders and agents of change. He is known for his humor and his cutting-to-the-core-of-the-issue approach.

Jan Allen


Executive coach, successful entrepreneur, speaker, author and veteran of government and politics, Jan Allen is a catalyst and innovator. She spurs leaders, leadership teams and entrepreneurs of all ages to take bold action and achieve breakthrough results. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science, a master’s degree in social work and a juris doctor from the Moritz College of Law, all from The Ohio State University. She is also a graduate of the Gestalt Institute of Central Ohio’s three-year postgraduate training for therapists and Coach U.

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Laurel Dawson


Laurel Dawson is a strong, clear and extremely kind consultant who knows how to get to the heart of the matter. Her 28 years of senior leadership and managerial experience in state and federal government prepared her for her current role coaching executives and leadership teams to reach their full personal and business potential and goals. Laurel’s insight into high levels of government decision-making and policy development and her roles in advising senior officials have developed her ability to clearly see opportunities and strategies for people and the organizations they lead. Her master’s degree in organizational development at American University and additional postgraduate training under organizational expert Norman Shub have informed and guided her development as a skilled coach, change leader, trainer and developer of executives, teams and groups.

Darrin Townsend


Darrin Townsend is an organizational consultant, trainer and team facilitator with Business of People. A former engineer and corporate manager, Darrin is a powerful agent for change who uses his corporate and engineering experience in concert with his organizational and personal growth skills to make a difference.

Todd Grazier

Todd has been involved with Business of People training and external consulting for more than 9 years. He is a graduate of the Gestalt Institute and he comes to BOP from the Library world.  Todd is warm and yet has the ability to really name the truth and help business people see the things they need to change in order to be more effective.  Todd is an avid gamer and his passion for games, particularly the strategic variety, adds to his consulting acumen.

Tammi Edwards

Administrative Director Tammi Edwards collaborates with clients to schedule all leadership and management trainings along with retreats and various coaching assignments for the entire BOP staff.  Tammi’s sensitivity, caring and hard work continue to make her a valuable asset to Business of People staff and our clients. In her free time Tammi enjoys cooking and baking and spending time with her grandchildren.                                          


Featured Publication

The 7 Dilemmas of Leadership

The 7 Dilemmas of Leadership


This book examines seven key dilemmas leaders face, looking at each from the inside out. Most leadership books look at leadership from the outside in — that is, at the skills, frameworks and bigger ideas of leadership. Over the course of Norman Shub’s 40 years as a practicing psychotherapist, organizational consultant and developer, he has developed the approach of facing issues not as right or wrong but rather as part of a continuum of possibilities. This book challenges leaders and potential leaders to look closely at how they act in the face of seven common dilemmas.

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    “Through the Business of People training I have really taken a more intentional effort at evaluating how I interact with other people at all levels and in all settings. I have come to understand at a higher level that how my communication both verbal and non-verbal really impacts the people around me and how that impacts the success of that interaction. It has improved my relationships at home and in the work environment. I have gone from a person that just assumed “no feedback is good feedback” to being someone that tries to seek out feedback and give it freely to others as often as I can. Going into this program I felt that I was a good team player and a developer of skills, but my eyes have been opened to other ways that I can help every individual on my team improve their skill sets and be more successful in the pursuit of their own goals. ”

    Dr. Nick Davis, M.D., Premier Health

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