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For more than three decades, Business of People® has worked with businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, political groups and other organizations from around the world.

Whether the client is a CEO of a large company or a young postgraduate looking to build essential leadership skills, our unique approach to organizational consulting, leadership training, coaching, facilitation and training in general is based upon the philosophy that human beings, groups, teams and organizations can foundationally change and grow.

Through Business of People, our clients have come to trust us and, in turn, trust themselves even more as they take their new skills back into their daily working lives.

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Developing Leadership from the Inside Out

Developing Leadership from the Inside Out


This book was developed in a highly unusual way. Having been a developer of leaders in many programs the author began to wonder why the higher level leadership concepts didn't stick even months after various trainings often with seasoned CEOS.   What we discovered was that all of these programs assumed that the young, emerging or even highly experienced leader had the CORE HUMAN SKILLS THAT UNDERLIE ALL BUSINESS PROCESSES especially leadership. That all of these leaders were highly aware, and that they understood the difference between answering and responding. That they understood support! This assumption turned out to be totally false. Many leaders don’t understand all 11 core skills that underlie leadership. This book was written to correct that problem. The reader will be asked in the book to struggle to gain all 11 of these skills by reading and doing the work proposed in this book. 

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    A Few of Our Clients
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    A Few of Our Clients
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    “Norm and the rest of the team at Business of People have helped raise the effectiveness and efficiency of the various management teams I have engaged them to work with over the past five-plus years. Their unique approach to coaching by breaking down resistance and gaining acceptance of improvement opportunities have yielded significant return on investment for the teams with whom I have been fortunate to work.”

    Larry Hilsheimer, President and COO, Nationwide Insurance

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