Curt Steiner, CEO, Steiner Pubic Relations

BOP has made me far more effective as a leader, co-worker and friend. Like language and communication, what I learned from BOP is something I apply almost every hour of every day in work and social environments.

Debbie Phillips, Author, Speaker, Founder, Women on Fire®

I would not live the happy, successful life that I do today had I not worked with Norman these past 20 years. He is a genius and a treasure — and I am profoundly grateful for all I continue to learn from him.

Dr. Ann Klamar, CEO, Midmark

I have taken my organization to new levels as a result of Norman and Business of People.

Dr. Daniel Elshoff, M.D, Premier Health

Participating in the Business of People seminar series has been a significantly valuable experience . The concepts and skills discussed and taught in the series have been very helpful not only in my professional development but also in my personal life. The seminar series has been a unique opportunity to pull back from my task oriented focus on day-to-day activities and focus on the importance, details, and patterns that that often come into play with interpersonal interactions. The series has definitely increased my awareness of how important interpersonal interactions are in the daily interactions among my staff, my colleagues and even family and friends.

Dr. Nick Davis, M.D., Premier Health

Through the Business of People training I have really taken a more intentional effort at evaluating how I interact with other people at all levels and in all settings. I have come to understand at a higher level that how my communication both verbal and non-verbal really impacts the people around me and how that impacts the success of that interaction. It has improved my relationships at home and in the work environment. I have gone from a person that just assumed “no feedback is good feedback” to being someone that tries to seek out feedback and give it freely to others as often as I can. Going into this program I felt that I was a good team player and a developer of skills, but my eyes have been opened to other ways that I can help every individual on my team improve their skill sets and be more successful in the pursuit of their own goals.

François Nogrix, CEO, Promotal, France

Norman and the Business of People staff have helped transform our company. I have learned what leadership and really being a CEO means. We have effective middle management, our culture is more defined and is supporting greater financial success, and our performance is world-class.

Joe Calvaruso, System Vice President, Ohio Health

I have been a student of Business of People in a variety of sessions for many years. This program is, without a doubt, the most intense, comprehensive and beneficial of any. It has taken my leadership to an entirely new level. The principles covered were practical: I have been able to use the concepts in many situations daily, both at work and at home. I enrolled in the program to become a better leader, but it made me a better person.

Kathryne Reeves

Norm and his team have a sophisticated set of tools to help their clients work through their challenges — be they personal or professional. He and his team do not avoid the tough, challenging issues. Instead, they dive right in and get to the heart of the matter. Working with Norm has helped me grow as a leader, a mother and a wife.

Kent Kleeberger, former CFO, Dollar Tree Stores; current CFO, Chico’s

Norman has made me a more effective leader and helped us develop a much stronger managerial core in two different organizations. Both are more successful as a result.

Larry Dach, CEO, Restaurant Equippers, Columbus, Ohio

Business of People, led by Norman Shub, has helped focus our leadership, raise our skill sets, improve productivity and helped our organization by all measures become more successful.

Larry Hilsheimer, President and COO, Nationwide Insurance

Norm and the rest of the team at Business of People have helped raise the effectiveness and efficiency of the various management teams I have engaged them to work with over the past five-plus years. Their unique approach to coaching by breaking down resistance and gaining acceptance of improvement opportunities have yielded significant return on investment for the teams with whom I have been fortunate to work.

Michael Buckingham, CEO, Strawser

Business of People has given us the guidance to help us identify our future and the training to educate us to get there. Their effectiveness is outstanding.

Mike Rayden, CEO, Dressbarn

As a CEO, the relationship we have with Norman and Business of People is one I value. The results are unsurpassed: a stronger strategic approach to leadership with skills that have proven effective in running our business.

Patrick Losinski, Executive Director, Metropolitan Libraries, Columbus, Ohio

Business of People has helped me be a much better leader and helped our organization become one of the top libraries in the country.

Roger Dean, Vice President, Treasurer, Dollar Tree Stores

The Business of People experience has enabled me to focus my energy on being a leader in my organization. Before BOP, I thought management was leadership. I now understand my role as a leader and understand how to develop my team and prepare them to be future leaders in the organization. I have learned to support my team and enable them to reach and even exceed their potential. This experience has changed my work life.

Sue Jablonski, Senior VPP and CCO, Ohio Health

It is always so hard to carve out time for personal and professional development, but BOP was definitely worth the effort. One of the lessons learned is that: ‘leadership is about connection,’ and connecting with BOP has not only helped me but also my team and my organization.

Tim Foley, CEO, ME engineering

I had tried many consultants, but Norman and Business of People are in another world. They have really crawled under our skin as an organization and helped my team work at a higher level to drive business, helped our managers learn for the first time what management really is and, overall, got us all to grow and change. Wow!

Tim Weaver, President, Weaver Bros. Inc.

Prior to our introduction to Norman and his staff, our organization had hit its ceiling. Business of People has enabled our organization to attain a renewed sense of vitality. We have developed bench strength, defined our goals and now have direction and purpose.

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The 7 Dilemmas of Leadership


This book examines seven key dilemmas leaders face, looking at each from the inside out. Most leadership books look at leadership from the outside in — that is, at the skills, frameworks and bigger ideas of leadership. Over the course of Norman Shub’s 40 years as a practicing psychotherapist, organizational consultant and developer, he has developed the approach of facing issues not as right or wrong but rather as part of a continuum of possibilities. This book challenges leaders and potential leaders to look closely at how they act in the face of seven common dilemmas.

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    “As a CEO, the relationship we have with Norman and Business of People is one I value. The results are unsurpassed: a stronger strategic approach to leadership with skills that have proven effective in running our business.”

    Mike Rayden, CEO, Dressbarn

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