Every business faces unique challenges, and sometimes it's beneficial to get an outside perspective on the forces that drive our day-to-day decisions. Business of People® provides coaching for executives and business professionals at all levels, offering positive support, feedback and advice to individuals and groups that will improve their effectiveness in the working world.

Our coaching approach helps people understand and learn how to fundamentally change the ways in which they lead and manage. This is about permanent change, not just problem-solving. We will help you integrate skills you didn’t know you have. We will take what you know in theory and show you how to apply it in the real world.

Whether your organization is looking for help with sales, marketing, management or team-building, Business of People professionals will transform the way you do things.

  • Deal with conflict
  • Be a transformational leader
  • Develop a matrix platform of support
  • And much, much more

Business of People provides a step-by-step breakdown of the skills you need and teaches how to integrate them at the most foundational levels. Get a new perspective on the obstacles you are facing and develop long-term solutions to resolve them.

Featured Publication

The 7 Dilemmas of Leadership

The 7 Dilemmas of Leadership


This book examines seven key dilemmas leaders face, looking at each from the inside out. Most leadership books look at leadership from the outside in — that is, at the skills, frameworks and bigger ideas of leadership. Over the course of Norman Shub’s 40 years as a practicing psychotherapist, organizational consultant and developer, he has developed the approach of facing issues not as right or wrong but rather as part of a continuum of possibilities. This book challenges leaders and potential leaders to look closely at how they act in the face of seven common dilemmas.

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    A Few of Our Clients
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    “I have been a student of Business of People in a variety of sessions for many years. This program is, without a doubt, the most intense, comprehensive and beneficial of any. It has taken my leadership to an entirely new level. The principles covered were practical: I have been able to use the concepts in many situations daily, both at work and at home. I enrolled in the program to become a better leader, but it made me a better person.”

    Joe Calvaruso, System Vice President, Ohio Health

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