Learning to Be a Great Leader

For nearly 40 years, Business of People® has been an international leader in leadership training, offering a program where CEOs and other executives from across the nation and around the world come to Columbus, Ohio, for our signature in-house program.

Unlike other leadership training programs, we do not assume that participants have the core, foundational skills that all leaders must possess. We start with the basics and then go deeper, helping you first develop the core human skills that underlie all business processes and then the higher-level skills that leaders need to be great.

leaderThis training is intense and transformative. Participants are encouraged to dig deep within themselves to truly learn what the core skills of leadership are and how to incorporate them experientially into their work.

Learn, integrate and excel at the five building blocks of outstanding leadership:

  • Be an organizationally engaged leader
  • Become a galvanizing leader
  • Develop leadership and raise the level of functionality within the workforce
  • Become a strategic thinker and leader
  • Learn how to transform organizations, lead and manage change and deal with resistance to change

By participating in Business of People, become the most powerful force for change in your organization as you:

  • Learn higher-level leadership skills: managing up, accountability, the content for great work and others
  • Learn how to develop and position your group, team, division and company for future success
  • Drive, manage, lead and understand change
  • Create a matrix platform for your leadership success

Admission to this program is extremely limited. Candidates are accepted only after an interview process. Every participant will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement to assure privacy.

2018 Leadership Training Schedule:
All training will take place from 9am-3pm
January 19, 2018
February 16, 2018
March 16, 2018
April 13, 2018
May 11, 2018
BOP Leadership Training Price: $3,900.00

What our alumni have said:

Ray Shealy, CEO, SafeWhite Worthington, Ohio
“BOP provides an amazing environment for anyone seeking to improve your ability to grow your communication skills and effectively connect with others. Norman and his staff is outstanding, and the quality of the other participants provides for real, grounded, intelligent feedback that you can immediately apply to every facet of your professional and personal life."

Pablo Allen, President and CEO, Cesigue, Xalapa, Mexico
“Norman Shub has the power to transform people and the entire organization. With so much upheaval existing in Latin American countries, the Business of People Leadership Training is key to helping politicians and business leaders make a significant difference in social consciousness. If you want be more successful as a leader, this is the best road to take. Norman has the gift to touch essential issues to facilitate permanent growth. Norman has a great capacity to support the process of change and the vision to take you as far as you are willing. I have been transformed. I have a different perspective on how to be the best leader possible and how to facilitate change in those dedicated to lead companies and institutions of any level.”


Featured Publication

Developing Leadership from the Inside Out

Developing Leadership from the Inside Out


This book was developed in a highly unusual way. Having been a developer of leaders in many programs the author began to wonder why the higher level leadership concepts didn't stick even months after various trainings often with seasoned CEOS.   What we discovered was that all of these programs assumed that the young, emerging or even highly experienced leader had the CORE HUMAN SKILLS THAT UNDERLIE ALL BUSINESS PROCESSES especially leadership. That all of these leaders were highly aware, and that they understood the difference between answering and responding. That they understood support! This assumption turned out to be totally false. Many leaders don’t understand all 11 core skills that underlie leadership. This book was written to correct that problem. The reader will be asked in the book to struggle to gain all 11 of these skills by reading and doing the work proposed in this book. 

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    “Business of People, led by Norman Shub, has helped focus our leadership, raise our skill sets, improve productivity and helped our organization by all measures become more successful.”

    Larry Dach, CEO, Restaurant Equippers, Columbus, Ohio

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