Professional Organizational Consultant Training

Becoming an organizational consultant is a life’s work. Many consultants are looking to deepen their skill sets to facilitate long-term, forever change. Budding consultants want to go beyond canned programs, tests and structured interventions to learn how to meet the organization where it is and guide it toward its full potential. 

The consulting training at the Gestalt Institute of Central Ohio is known for helping the professionals really integrate and process the methodology to deal with any organizational configuration or problem. Our training is known for being hands-on, preparing consultants to integrate the skills immediately into their work.

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The Process of Change

The Process of Change


How does organizational change really work? What are the stages and steps of the process in simple, concrete terms? How do you facilitate the process of change? What stops it? What makes it an organizational success? “The Process of Change” answers these questions and more.  

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    A Few of Our Clients
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    “BOP has made me far more effective as a leader, co-worker and friend. Like language and communication, what I learned from BOP is something I apply almost every hour of every day in work and social environments.”

    Curt Steiner, CEO, Steiner Pubic Relations

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