Foundational Change Coaching

Expertise and experience are valued qualities at every organization. But even the most talented individuals sometimes don’t fit into the corporate structure and need some help along the way.

Whether it's skill development, growth, improved attitudes or a behavior change that’s needed, Business of People® provides business coaching to help all employees fully contribute and reach their potential.

Our coaching philosophy deals with a multitude of issues found in every workplace, such as: 

  • Engaging others
  • Developing big-picture thinking
  • Attitudinal issues
  • Developing key people
  • Raising the level of leadership
  • Being an outside executive
  • Using influence
  • Managing up
  • Sensitivity training
  • Strategic thinking
  • Conflict resolution
  • The core skills of management, supervision and leadership

Our coaching process is not watered-down psychotherapy. It is business-driven with the goal of helping employees develop the core skills necessary for them to do great work. We work closely with the organization to develop the specific skills and outcomes the coaching must provide. We look for feedback to make sure that the individuals are changing, and we help people learn business skills they never realized they needed or could utilize in their current roles.

Our coaching is special, effective, business-driven and proven to be successful.

Larry Dach, CEO, Restaurant Equippers, Columbus
“Business of People, led by Norman Shub, has helped focus our leadership, raise our skill sets, improve productivity and helped our organization by all measures become more successful.”

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How to Be a Successful Employee

How to Be a Successful Employee


Help employees learn specific skills that will allow them to more easily make an impact and gain longevity in any job. This book also gives a unique introduction on how to be successful in taking your career to the next level, making it company-required reading for all new and current employees at numerous organizations.

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    A Few of Our Clients
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    A Few of Our Clients
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    “The Business of People experience has enabled me to focus my energy on being a leader in my organization. Before BOP, I thought management was leadership. I now understand my role as a leader and understand how to develop my team and prepare them to be future leaders in the organization. I have learned to support my team and enable them to reach and even exceed their potential. This experience has changed my work life.”

    Roger Dean, Vice President, Treasurer, Dollar Tree Stores

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