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Business of People® is known around the world for its corporate and business training services. Whether at your location, ours or a neutral site, Business of People training raises the collective skill level of the group, providing long-term, concrete, measurable, foundational changes in the participants. Our proven training program is designed to meet your specific business needs.

We can help with:

  • Leadership training and development
  • Becoming a successful executive team
  • Developing CEO and senior leadership skills
  • Executive, director and management training — teaching leadership to work at the highest levels
  • Strategic leadership

Through executive committee and leadership team development, your core group of leaders will learn how to function at a higher level and drive organizational success and the process of change. 

Management training teaches the core skills of management and helps leaders understand how to develop and improve their groups over time. Business of People management training teams help employees understand the organizational footprint, collaboratively manage the day-to-day work of the organization and truly operate as an effective management team.

The Business of People sales training model will take your sales force to a new level through sales management, skill training and sales supervision.

Supervisory training for floor and field supervision allows the supervisor to help employees develop skill sets necessary for success on the job and to change employees’ attitudes and behaviors.

Through executive, management and director training, leadership teams will learn how to work at the highest level and develop strategic leadership, including how to develop workers, run productive meetings and get buy-in from the staff.

Internal and external team training develops highly effective teams while facilitating small groups, group events, strategic roll-outs, board development, organizational restructuring and culture inculcation.

This coaching and skill development is available to train individuals at all levels of organizational life.

Our training is world-class.

Larry Hilsheimer, president and COO, Nationwide Insurance
"Norm and the rest of the team at Business of People have helped raise the effectiveness and efficiency of the various management teams I have engaged them to work with over the past five-plus years. Their unique approach to coaching by breaking down resistance and gaining acceptance of improvement opportunities have yielded significant return on investment for the teams with whom I have been fortunate to work." 

Featured Publication

Dealing with Resistance in Leadership

Dealing with Resistance in Leadership


This book is important for business professionals engaged in the process of change, whether you are working to develop an individual or you are engaged in changing an entire organization. Research has shown that the No. 1 reason that change fails is the inability of the lead manager to spot, understand and work through resistance, and this book is a hands-on practical guide to do just that. Join executives from around the world in learning this vital skill.

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    “It is always so hard to carve out time for personal and professional development, but BOP was definitely worth the effort. One of the lessons learned is that: ‘leadership is about connection,’ and connecting with BOP has not only helped me but also my team and my organization.”

    Sue Jablonski, Senior VPP and CCO, Ohio Health

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