Crisis Intervention & Management

It’s better to be prepared for something that never comes than to be caught off-guard when a major event strikes. Time is short. Decisions have to be made. Business of People® can help your company identify, assess, understand and cope with potential situations before they even occur.

Crisis intervention and management are needed when something traumatic happens that demands immediate response. In today’s world of social media, the message that goes out first is often the one that lasts. Whether the crisis is of the moment or the result of a company’s decisions, Business of People can help. 

If your organization is already dealing with a crisis, we are ready to act immediately and develop a collaborative plan to deal with the circumstances and process the situation with your workforce. The Business of People crisis management team has worked around the world and is effective in helping organizations turn around difficult situations and use them as opportunities for success.

In a crisis:

  • We will be there immediately.
  • We act quickly.
  • We have clear, tested models of intervention.
  • We work on all levels of the organization, depending upon the needs of the client.
  • We have a track record of success.
  • We stay with the problem to its solution.

The world reacts. We respond.

Dr. Ann Klamar, CEO, Midmark 
"I have taken my organization to new levels as a result of Norman and Business of People.”

Featured Publication

Being Successful in Business: Working with Resistance and Boundaries

Being Successful in Business: Working with Resistance and Boundaries


This book is a MUST for anyone leading change initiative of any kind. Everything you read about managing and leading change refers to the concept of resistance . However, rarely does anyone attempt to define what resistances exist in organizational life, how do you see them and what do you actually do with them to move beyond the resistance to change. This book actually explores both of these questions.  The reader will learn about the specific resistances that emerge and exactly how to spot them in the moment. In addition, various resistance strategies are presented in a way that you ( the reader ) can begin to employ them immediately. Leading any kind of change ---- a must read!

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    A Few of Our Clients
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    “Norm and the rest of the team at Business of People have helped raise the effectiveness and efficiency of the various management teams I have engaged them to work with over the past five-plus years. Their unique approach to coaching by breaking down resistance and gaining acceptance of improvement opportunities have yielded significant return on investment for the teams with whom I have been fortunate to work.”

    Larry Hilsheimer, President and COO, Nationwide Insurance

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