Meeting & Conference Facilitation

Whether a small local gathering or a large-scale corporate event, Business of People® takes groups of individuals and helps them engage with one another to work more effectively in any situation.

Your time is valuable, and the hours or days that you set aside must be productive. Whether in our office in Columbus, Ohio, at another site or via teleconference, we help set the ground rules then work toward building consensus through open dialogue and a free exchange of ideas

Business of People facilitates for:

  • Board retreats
  • Governmental and congressional meetings
  • Strategic planning processes
  • Conferences
  • Conflict management
  • Corporate retreats
  • Annual meetings
  • Special events
  • Facilitation trainings
  • And any other type of gathering you have planned

As impartial observers, Business of People facilitators understand group norms and will adapt to the individuals in the room. As you focus on the goal at hand, we steer effective, solutions-based conversation.

We break down barriers to collaboration.

Michael Buckingham, CEO, Strawser
“Business of People has given us the guidance to help us identify our future and the training to educate us to get there. Their effectiveness is outstanding.”

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Expanding Your Business

Expanding Your Business


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    A Few of Our Clients
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    A Few of Our Clients
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    “The Business of People experience has enabled me to focus my energy on being a leader in my organization. Before BOP, I thought management was leadership. I now understand my role as a leader and understand how to develop my team and prepare them to be future leaders in the organization. I have learned to support my team and enable them to reach and even exceed their potential. This experience has changed my work life.”

    Roger Dean, Vice President, Treasurer, Dollar Tree Stores

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