Negotiation Training

Learning how to negotiate is a critical skill for any business leader. It takes effective, assertive communication combined with confidence, patience and an understanding of what’s being discussed.

Negotiating is a complex process, so Business of People® starts by teaching the basic skills then builds upon that foundation to give individuals the chance to grow and understand at higher levels of negotiation.

Whether dealing with an adversary or setting terms of a partnership, the process and preparation are the same: building consensus between multiple parties seeking a common goal.

  • Learn offensive and defensive negotiation strategy.
  • Know how to use your organization’s resources to determine who should be at the table.
  • Walk into every negotiation with multiple tactical plans so you never get out-negotiated.
  • Understand subtle communication nuances that can be the difference between success and failure.

Our negotiation training is designed to teach you experientially how to incorporate our concrete model into your vendor meetings, negotiations or other types of engagements.

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Being Successful in Business Networking: Connecting with Clients and Customers

Being Successful in Business Networking: Connecting with Clients and Customers


Networking is a skill that business professionals need. How do you actually get a meeting with a stranger? How do you work a room? How do you take advantage of a moment in time to authentically get someone interested in you or your company? This publication is a great way to learn and practice networking.

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    “I had tried many consultants, but Norman and Business of People are in another world. They have really crawled under our skin as an organization and helped my team work at a higher level to drive business, helped our managers learn for the first time what management really is and, overall, got us all to grow and change. Wow!”

    Tim Foley, CEO, ME engineering

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