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Change is the most natural state there is. People — and businesses — must constantly adapt to new situations or cease to move forward. Organizations grow just as people do. At certain points, new challenges must be dealt with. These obstacles can be difficult for an organization and its leaders to confront and manage successfully. 

Business of People® helps individuals and organizations become more effective with what they are working to achieve as well as handle these periodic challenges. We assist in developing groups from the point of inception or in moving in a new direction through restructuring or working with existing components to become more effective. 

Our consulting experts span many sectors of professional life — from political arenas to heavy industry, from nonprofit to investment and law firms.

  • Through our consulting, a coal mining company learned to survive in a dying industry.
  • Our hands-on, organization-wide change management training helped a technology company successfully grow without losing quality or creativity.
  • Nonprofit organizations at both state and national levels have benefited from our interventions.
  • A retail organization grew from 35 people to a workforce of thousands.
  • Through Business of People, an entrepreneurial construction company created a vision, developed a management structure and transitioned to a managed/led organization.

Business of People’s approach allows individuals grow and develop while teaching them to become leaders and managers who both model and guide success within their organizations.

If you or your business needs help in any of these areas, contact us to get started.

We engage, we enliven, and we stick with you.

Featured Publication

The 7 Dilemmas of Leadership

The 7 Dilemmas of Leadership


This book examines seven key dilemmas leaders face, looking at each from the inside out. Most leadership books look at leadership from the outside in — that is, at the skills, frameworks and bigger ideas of leadership. Over the course of Norman Shub’s 40 years as a practicing psychotherapist, organizational consultant and developer, he has developed the approach of facing issues not as right or wrong but rather as part of a continuum of possibilities. This book challenges leaders and potential leaders to look closely at how they act in the face of seven common dilemmas.

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    A Few of Our Clients
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    “Business of People, led by Norman Shub, has helped focus our leadership, raise our skill sets, improve productivity and helped our organization by all measures become more successful.”

    Larry Dach, CEO, Restaurant Equippers, Columbus, Ohio

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