Successful Interviewing

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    Job candidates know what you are looking for. It’s up to you – as the interviewer – to determine if they can really deliver.

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    Make the right hire! Don't leave it to luck. Instead, make sure your decisions are sound by participating in our interview coaching, which will make you more effective in finding the right candidate.

Job candidates know what you are looking for. It’s up to you as the interviewer to determine if they can really deliver.

Assertive questions, confidence and patience are critical skills for any business negotiation, and interviewing is no different. You often have one chance to secure the right person for the job, so correctly assessing the applicant’s reactions and answers are vital to making the correct decision.

A good first impression eventually wears off, while an employee with long-term success can lift you and your organization to success.

This Business of People® workshop offers interview coaching that will help you understand the framework and skills for success in interviewing, providing you with the ability to immediately harness successful techniques. Participants will learn:

  • The overall method and skills set for hiring success
  • How to engage the interviewee and build a powerful interviewing relationship
  • Managing the interview
  • Understanding how to use the skills of the role the person is being interviewed for — not just the job description — in the interviewing process
  • How to effectively penetrate difficult applicants to get a clear picture of their ability
  • Making great final decisions

Learn the skills that allow you to increase effectiveness in the interview process and hire people who are going to help you be successful.

Michael Buckingham, CEO, Strawser
“Business of People® has given us the guidance to help us identify our future and the training to educate us to get there. Their effectiveness is outstanding.”

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      “ Participating in the Business of People seminar series has been a significantly valuable experience . The concepts and skills discussed and taught in the series have been very helpful not only in my professional development but also in my personal life. The seminar series has been a unique opportunity to pull back from my task oriented focus on day-to-day activities and focus on the importance, details, and patterns that that often come into play with interpersonal interactions. The series has definitely increased my awareness of how important interpersonal interactions are in the daily interactions among my staff, my colleagues and even family and friends. ”

      Dr. Daniel Elshoff, M.D, Premier Health

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