Leadership Development for Individuals & Organizations Ready for Growth

Leadership Development for Individuals & Organizations Ready for Growth

Are you ready to invest in Your current and future leaders?

Business of People is a group of experienced executive coaches dedicated to cultivating great leaders.  Our 1:1 coaching and group training helps leaders develop the skills and awareness they need to create strong teams that contribute to your organization’s success.

Stronger Leaders.

Lasting Results.

Why Choose Business of People?

We are more than just coaches. We are committed partners helping you actualize positive, lasting change in your leadership, your teams, and your organization.


Our Approach

We don’t believe in generic programs and one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we work together to understand your unique challenges and create a plan to cut through the noise and provide foundational skills for leaders at all levels.


Our Experience

Our coaches have decades of experience working with businesses of all sizes, and bring diverse backgrounds that provide us with first-hand insight into the challenges faced by leaders across industries, from manufacturing, to tech, to healthcare and beyond.


Supportive Accountability

We help you stay on track and accountable for your goals. With regular check-ins and progress assessments, you’ll stay motivated, notice change, and build new skills. We are here to support your professional growth.

Virtual Executive Coaching

Our Services

We have a well-established reputation for helping leaders at all levels build high-functioning, motivated teams through Executive Coaching, Leadership Training and Workshops. 

1:1 Executive Coaching

We can help you develop the leadership skills and vision you need to reach the next level in your career with a dedicated coach and mentor, virtually or in-person.

Leadership Training

We develop leadership training for frontline managers and leaders designed to help inspire introspection, professional growth, and improved team dynamics and communication.

Your Leadership Journey –
Our Guidance

We are known for our direct but caring approach, and for helping leaders develop awareness that creates positive change in themselves and their teams. We are here to support, guide, challenge, and motivate your teams to reach their highest leadership potential.

Business of People has been a catalyst to helping us transform our business culture and empower/develop our leaders. Over the last 5 years we have worked closely with Darrin and the Team to incorporate it at every level across the organization. BOP plays a key role in our organizations strategy and I am extremely grateful for our partnership!

Robert Kaebnick
President and CEO, Hartzell Industries