The Business of People Team


The BOP Team, with degrees in engineering, business administration, law, organizational development, international relations, social work, library science, education and political science, and backgrounds in manufacturing, politics and government, and the corporate and non-profit sectors, utilizes pioneering frameworks developed by the founder, Dr. Norman Shub, to facilitate change and help leaders and organizations become more effective. 

Jan Allen

Co-Managing Partner

 Executive coach, successful entrepreneur, speaker, author and veteran of government and politics, Jan Allen is a catalyst and innovator. She spurs leaders, leadership teams and entrepreneurs of all ages to take bold action and achieve breakthrough results. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science, a master’s degree in social work and a juris doctor from the Moritz College of Law, all from The Ohio State University. She is also a graduate of the Gestalt Institute of Central Ohio’s three-year postgraduate training for therapists and Coach U. 

Darrin Townsend

Co-Managing Partner

 Darrin Townsend has twenty seven years of experience in consulting, manufacturing, and logistics and has held various positions in operations management, engineering, sales, and project management. This well rounded background has allowed him to understand the issues that clients face in today’s business climate. A senior organizational consultant at Business of People, Darrin works as an executive coach, corporate trainer, and team developer. He has helped clients improve their business results, better their teams, and develop their careers. Darrin is known for getting the client issues out in the open with a direct but supportive style and providing the coaching and support to make a difference. 

Todd Grazier


 Trainer, executive coach, organizational consultant, Todd Grazier  has been involved with Business of People training and external consulting for more than 10 years. Todd is warm and yet has the ability to really name the truth and help business people see the things they need to change in order to be more effective. His work with leadership teams is focused on making them more successful, cohesive, and effective by helping them face the things that are in their way. Todd’s background includes work in libraries, healthcare and logistics. He has had a life-long interest in helping people grow and develop their full potential 

Jan Allen, Co-Managing Partner Bio (pdf)


Darrin Townsend, Co-Managing Partner Bio (pdf)


Todd Grazier, Partner Bio (pdf)


In Cooperation with

Laurel Dawson LLC

Laurel Dawson, Principal

Laurel is a strong, clear and extremely kind consultant who knows how to get to the heart of the matter. Her 28 years of senior leadership and managerial experience in state and federal government prepared her for her current role coaching executives and leadership teams to reach their full personal and business potential and goals. Laurel’s insight into high levels of government decision-making and policy development and her roles in advising senior officials have developed her ability to clearly see opportunities and strategies for people and the organizations they lead. Her master’s degree in organizational development at American University and additional postgraduate training under organizational expert Norman Shub have informed and guided her development as a skilled coach, change leader, trainer and developer of executives, teams and groups.  

In Memoriam

Dr. Norman Shub, 1949-2018


Recognized worldwide as a master teacher, Norman Shub had a unique ability to help leaders, executive committees, managers and organizations transform themselves and come to a new level of business skill and capacity. Norman’s distinctive approach to organizational consulting was taught at his postgraduate training program, where organizational consultants came to learn this particular approach. 

We continue to use his approach at Business of People.